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Common Reasons Why You’re Not Attracting Customers to Your Website

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Your business has a new, fresh website that you love. And that’s great. But your business needs more than just a website.

Potential customers have to find your website, feel a need for what you’re selling and ultimately trust your business enough to spend their hard-earned money. However, the first step, getting people to the website, is perhaps the most critical. Read More

What to Do When the .COM You Want Is Taken

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You’ve just decided to create a new business, or maybe you just had an idea for a new website. Either way, you do what everyone does in the 21st century: you go to register a new domain.

Unless you came up with an incredibly unique domain idea, you will likely discover someone – possibly even a domain squatter – has already registered the .com version of your domain. Read More

How Do Colors Influence Website User Engagement?

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Besides defining your brand, color grabs attention, conveys the right emotions, and also helps illustrate the hierarchy of page elements in your design. It’s a big influence in user engagement.

Also important for influencing engagement are a good user experience and well-written content (especially specific CTA wording). However, if you include these elements in your web design but still showcase a light-colored CTA on top of a white background, your conversion opportunity will go completely unnoticed. Read More

Is Your Website Personality Attractive Enough?

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When you land on a web page you instantly see what type of website is being presented. You will notice, within fractions of a second, whether it is serious, or fun. You can see whether it is simple or complex. You might also spot that the website is exciting.

These are all elements of personality and every one of us has a combination of various characteristics that make us unique as individuals. Read More

Time To Upgrade Your Website’s Security With A SSL Certificate

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In the wake of recent ransomware attacks, email hacks, and security breaches, there’s a lot of talk about making the Web as a whole more secure, and the use and understanding of SSL certificates is a valuable first step that is becoming essential.

In January 2017, Google’s Chrome Browser started warning users of websites without an SSL certificate, because these websites are less secure. Read More

9 Essential Elements Every Website Must Have

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There are certain pieces you must include when you build a house, like doors, windows, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you forget to include these things, you won’t be able to use your house, making it pointless.

Creating a website is similar in many ways. You can’t slap a site together without giving any thought to what’s included. There are essential items that all websites must have, and if they don’t, they’re pointless too.

Read More