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Top Tips For Social Re-targeting

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Social retargeting is a widely popular yet broadly misunderstood area of marketing. While it can be hugely effective if done right, getting it wrong can cost brands dearly. Common complaints from consumers include feeling ‘followed’ by recommendations, such as when ads are targeted at shoppers who’ve already purchased.

This can leave buyers frustrated, and marketers out of pocket, as their investments in retargeting fall on disinterested consumers. Read More

Facebook issues new guidelines on what can be monetized

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In a bid to stop fraudulent business practices as more and more publishers join its platform, Facebook has issued new standards and guidelines for content creators to ethically earn money on its “family-friendly” network.

Facebook’s list of prohibited content include misappropriation of children’s characters; tragedy and conflict; content that is incendiary, inflammatory, demeaning or disparages people, groups or causes; violence; adult content; sale or use of illegal or illicit products, services or activities and drugs or alcohol use. Read More

What a Facebook Page Should Look Like In 2017

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The way we use social media has rapidly changed in less than a decade. Much like the rise of the Internet   redefined the idea of a webpage, the past few years have transformed the way we see and use online networking platforms.

With Facebook being the first place many of its users seek information, a Facebook page is now more of a necessity than a promotional tool for your website or blog.  Read More

Twitter is Testing a Built-in Tweetstorm Feature

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Twitter has been spotted testing a tweetstorm feature built into its own app.When you have a message to get out that exceeds the 140 character limit, chaining multiple tweets together has become known as a “tweetstorm.”

Twitter is recognizing people are finding a way to subvert the 140 character limit, and are responding by making tweetstorm easier to create for everyone.

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LinkedIn’s Latest Feature Could Be A Game-Changer

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In today’s online marketplace, especially if you are a Business Coach or Consultant, the fastest, easiest and most effective way to win new business on LinkedIn is by getting your face, voice and personality in front of potential prospects.
Online video is an ideal way to do this, because it instantly builds the “Know, Like and Trust” factors that become a critical component of any Business Coaching or Consulting relationship.

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