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AdWords Editor Update Supports Shopping Showcase Ads

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AdWords Editor version 12.1 is now available, with support added for several features, including Shopping showcase ads and expanded dynamic search ads.

Showcase ads feature three product images from a retailer that are related to the search query and link to a Google-hosted landing page of products the advertiser groups together. Google first introduced showcase ads in July 2016, but they continue to gain visibility. Read More

Google AdWords Highlights Popular Search Terms Used to Find Your Website

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Google AdWords has introduced a new ‘Searches’ card which highlights popular words and phrases that are used to find your business. As the announcement states, keeping your finger on the pulse of the Searches card can help you refine your keywords for better performance.

Knowing which keywords a majority of searchers are using to find you website can help you both add valuable new keywords, and create lists of negative keywords you discover to be irrelevant Read More

8 Steps To Audit Your Google AdWords Account

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Is your AdWords account as effective as it could be? Unless you’ve audited your AdWords account, you can’t know for sure.

What is an AdWords Account Audit?

Simply, an AdWords account audit is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your AdWords accounts.An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Read More

New Quality Score metrics: What matters most, and How to improve your ads

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As you are no doubt aware, Google recently added additional reporting and transparency to the Quality Score (QS) metric that’s all-important in terms of calculating Ad Rank.

Determining the relative importance of Quality Score components : Google has provided advertisers with data on Quality Score for some time; what’s new here is historical trend data visibility into three key QS components: expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience. Read More

Critical Areas To Consider When Performing AdWords Audits

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AdWords audits are a great way to win business and check on the health of an account, but there are some aspects of an audit that are easily overlooked or under explored. Don’t make these mistakes!

Auditing a prospective client’s Google AdWords account is a tried-and-true sales tactic when hoping to win business. By reviewing accounts, missed opportunities may be found, while issues with campaign structure, settings and optimizations can be addressed. Read More

New Google Pilot Tests Shopping Ads On The Display Network

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Google has been steadily increasing distribution of Shopping ads, including to YouTube, Image search results and third-party retail sites in the Search Partners network. The inevitable extension to the Google Display Network is now here: the company has launched a pilot called Retail Shopping on Display.

In an email sent to AdWords API users and advertisers in April, Google said that, during the initial phase, Shopping ads of those accepted into the pilot may appear on fashion and home sites on the Google Display Network. Read More

AdWords Ad Copy Testing Ideas – Try It Right Now

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One of the most important attributes of a successful PPC manager is the ability to incorporate new technologies in existing management strategies. With the official sunset of AdWords standard text ads and the introduction of AdWords IF Functions, we must develop ways to fuse the new with the old.

This article is designed to keep you up to date and fuel your creative testing fire with 10 testing ideas that are sure to drive huge performance changes. Read More

Expand Your Offer Strategy To Increase SEM Performance

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In an era when the average business buyer only contacts a brand when he/she is 67 percent through the buying process, there’s every reason to make sure that you’re reaching prospective customers at every stage of their research, not just when they’re ready to buy.

Otherwise, when buyers finally do start to contact vendors, you may not even be part of the conversation.

Read More