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What is Google Stamp

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Google is set to launch a competitor to Snapchat Discover, known as Google Stamp. This new product will bring with it a host of opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike, but it brings with it some challenges too.

What do marketers need to know about this new service, and how successful will it be? Early in August, news leaked that Google has been preparing a direct rival to one of Snapchat’s most popular and profitable features, Discover.

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Google to start warning sites about bad ad experiences

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Last year, Google helped form the Coalition For Better Ads, an organization intended to develop new global standards for online ads that improve user experience.

This March, based on research derived from surveys of 25,000 consumers, which sought to identify the least preferred ad types, the Coalition published an initial draft of Better Ads Standards for desktop and mobile.  Read More

Google Working on a Mobile News Product Competing With Snapchat

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Google is working with publishers on a news product called Stamp that would serve up articles in a mobile magazine-like design, similar to Snapchat’s Discover service, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Stamp evolved from media relationships Google already has for another one of its products, called Amp, which is meant to help load articles faster on the mobile web. Read More

Not Ad creep: Images labeled ‘Product’ in Google Images part of new badges markup

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Users searching for products on Google Image search will now notice that sometimes images appearing at the top of the results are labeled with a “Product”. This is part of the new badge markup Google introduced earlier this week. They look a lot like ads, and I mistook these for ads, too, when first reporting on this.

The images appear with a tag icon and “Product” label in the bottom left corner at the top of the organic image results.

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