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4 Tips To Help You Generate More E-Commerce Revenue

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There are several reasons why launching an e-commerce website is such an attractive option for those wanting to start an online business. From the ability to build an inventory-free business that uses a drop shipping model, to having unlimited scaling potential, an e-commerce business can be extremely lucrative.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs see the potential, and launch an online store, only to fail miserably. With so many e-commerce stores launching daily, you need to be aggressive and creative if you want a piece of the pie. Read More

Google Search Embraces The Feed, But Don’t Call It Social

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Google Feed will incorporate a tailored content of news, entertainment and myriad web content based on a user’s search patterns.

Years ago, Google built a social network separate from its prized asset, web search. The effort failed. Now, it is trying again—only this time, it’s turning its search engine into something that looks a lot like the news feed of a social network. Read More