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Tips For Marketing Decisions In Google Analytics

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Market-leading site analytics providers such as Google and Adobe continue to bring new insights about consumer behaviors through advancements in their analytics and tag management offerings.

Both Adobe (Marketing Cloud) and Google (360 Analytics) have made big strides in improving their offerings to include tag management, measurement, attribution, optimization and more. These are designed to equip brands with the tools needed to maximize the value of their media investments and web traffic data.

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The Secret To Writing Awesome Local Content

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The most common truth in local SEO is that the majority of sites out there have flat-out awful content. You definitely need to mention your location information in your content — but you absolutely don’t need to mention it four times in one sentence.

Hopefully, you’re laughing right now, because it sounds completely off, right? But far too many business owners and marketers write content like this on a daily basis!

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Is Your Email A Casualty Of The War On Spam?

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In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a core issue. It’s commonly known that when you send an email, it doesn’t always reach the intended recipient.

Between the sender and the recipient are intermediaries, namely the internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs), which use a mix of internal algorithms and outside filtering technologies that combine to make a decision on each message that comes into their mail servers.

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Merge Offline and Online Marketing for Positive Results

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There seems to be an internal struggle in the marketing world over whether a company should use traditional offline marketing strategies given the prevalence of online marketing in the digital age.

An unfortunate result of the struggle is the misconception that offline marketing no longer has a place in the modern world. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Offline marketing still has a lot of potential that can be powerful by itself or be merged with online marketing for positive results.

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Facebook Removes Story Descriptions For Trending Topics

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Facebook is changing up the way it displays Trending Topics, removing the story descriptions that were previously listed beside topics, and now only showing a “simplified” topic and its number of mentions.

An announcement posted on Facebook’s newsroom website included the following image to highlight the changes being made to Trending Topics, showing the previous box with short story descriptions and the new layout that lists the topic and number of mentions it has generated.

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