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Twitter Makes Messaging Accessible To The Visually Impaired

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There are 285 million people with vision impairment around the globe, according to the World Health Organization. Now social media sites such as Twitter are making sure their voices are seen and heard.

Twitter is looking to create more options for those users who can describe the world, but who can’t actually see it. A new initiative aims to make it easier for visually impaired people to use the social media platform.

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6 Often Overlooked Digital Marketing Metrics

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Do missed or overlooked marketing metrics keep you up at night? They should.

With so many marketers placing value on vanity metrics it’s a wonder any of us look past fan counts to measure how we’re really doing online.

Today, I’ll peel back the curtain and show you a few overlooked marketing metrics that will help you stay steady, stay sane and help show success with your digital marketing efforts.

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Social Media – The Viral Attraction

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How are you measuring the value of your content? Chances are, you’re gauging success by clicks, likes and shares.

Nothing wrong with that really; that’s how an awful lot of digital media is judged. And click is undoubtedly a good metric to have: it shows how attractive your headlines are, how engaging your social media messaging is, how powerful your advertising is, and how well your Search Engine Optimisation is performing. But that still doesn’t answer the initial question.
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Marketers Still Eager To Increase Spending On Facebook & Google

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Among ‘Emerging’ Platforms, Marketers Eye Instagram and Snapchat Most

A record 57% of marketers and agencies are allocating 20% or more of budgets to digital advertising, including 23% who earmark more than half of their spending for digital, according to the most recent in a series of studies published by RBC Capital Markets in partnership with Ad Age. Two percent said they plan to decrease their digital spend, while 82% said they plan to spend more, the study found.
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