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Google AdWords doubles the number of Sitelinks on search ads

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A few weeks ago, Google revamped the look and feel of the AdWords Sitelinks to make them a carousel tappable format. But with that change, Google has also doubled the number of sitelinks you can show on your AdWords search ads from four to eight.

The updated help documentation use to say that on mobile devices it would “show up to 4 links” and now it reads “it can show up to 8 links” on mobile devices. Read More

Importance of quality score in Paid Search

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Paid search, or pay per click (PPC), often used in conjunction with SEO, remains an essential marketing element for many businesses, most notably those that want an online presence.

But we are still seeing businesses not effectively implementing PPC campaigns successfully. One of the biggest areas that businesses are failing to address is a low AdWords quality score. Read More

Labels are coming to Bing Ads & Bing Ads Editor

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As in AdWords, labels can be applied at various levels of users’ campaigns to aid management and analysis.

Bing Ads is currently rolling out customizable, color-coded labels globally over the next few weeks. As in AdWords, labels can be applied at the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword levels to aid in account management and analysis. Any item can have as many as 50 labels associated with it. Read More

Bing supports ClaimReview markup for fact labels in search

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Nine months after Google began supporting the ClaimReview markup, designed for fact-checking review of claims made or reported on on webpages, now Bing has added support in their markup documentation.

The new section for Bing’s ClaimReview says “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information. This may be used to display enhanced captions on Bing that help convey this information to users.” Read More