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LinkedIn’s Latest Feature Could Be A Game-Changer

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In today’s online marketplace, especially if you are a Business Coach or Consultant, the fastest, easiest and most effective way to win new business on LinkedIn is by getting your face, voice and personality in front of potential prospects.
Online video is an ideal way to do this, because it instantly builds the “Know, Like and Trust” factors that become a critical component of any Business Coaching or Consulting relationship.

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How to Create Effective LinkedIn Ads for Business

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There is no social media site more important for creating a professional image and networking with others in your industry than LinkedIn. With more than 430 million members, including leaders from each Fortune 500 company, the site has become the go-to network for professional purposes.

LinkedIn’s reach and reputation also make it an ideal place to connect with your audience through targeted ads. The site offers several options for these sponsored messages. Read More

How To Get Around The World With LinkedIn Right Now

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The world is getting smaller! Not literally but figuratively. We’ve all heard of six degrees of separation where you can reach anyone else on the planet within six relational ‘hops’, or how about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon where you can link Kevin Bacon to any other actor or actress?

Well since last year that has been blown apart as the latest research puts it down to 3.57 degrees of separation – it truly is a small world and that opens up a global opportunity. Read More