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Twitter is Testing a Built-in Tweetstorm Feature

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Twitter has been spotted testing a tweetstorm feature built into its own app.When you have a message to get out that exceeds the 140 character limit, chaining multiple tweets together has become known as a “tweetstorm.”

Twitter is recognizing people are finding a way to subvert the 140 character limit, and are responding by making tweetstorm easier to create for everyone.

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Twitter Launches Direct Messaging Card For Brands

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Twitter has rolled out its new, customizable Direct Messaging Card. The latest offering caters to the businesses to promote share bots and other customer experiences built in Direct Messages.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of businesses and direct messages, Twitter has rolled out its Direct Messaging Card that helps brand create rich and personalized experiences to deepen relationships with the customers. Read More

New Ways To Add Variety To Your Twitter Marketing

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People all over the world use Twitter to connect with their passions, share their opinions, and find out what’s happening in the world. Because people are looking to discover new things when they log into their Twitter accounts, they are open to interacting with businesses as well.

Entrepreneurs in India are really making the most of this mindset to expand their reach and connect with new and existing customers. The availability of influencers across every field makes it possible for businesses to tap into their target audience with ease. Read More