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Facebook issues new guidelines on what can be monetized

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In a bid to stop fraudulent business practices as more and more publishers join its platform, Facebook has issued new standards and guidelines for content creators to ethically earn money on its “family-friendly” network.

Facebook’s list of prohibited content include misappropriation of children’s characters; tragedy and conflict; content that is incendiary, inflammatory, demeaning or disparages people, groups or causes; violence; adult content; sale or use of illegal or illicit products, services or activities and drugs or alcohol use. Read More

What a Facebook Page Should Look Like In 2017

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The way we use social media has rapidly changed in less than a decade. Much like the rise of the Internet   redefined the idea of a webpage, the past few years have transformed the way we see and use online networking platforms.

With Facebook being the first place many of its users seek information, a Facebook page is now more of a necessity than a promotional tool for your website or blog.  Read More

Facebook Lets Publishers Put Logos Next to Headlines

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Facebook, giving back publishers a piece of their identities, is letting them display their logos alongside headlines. It’s a move meant to appease media partners that feel they’ve lost the power of their brands when posting articles to social media.

On Tuesday, the social network released new tools for publishers to show their logos next to headlines in the trending and search sections so readers know the source of the information. Read More

Facebook Reveals The Mechanics of a Perfect Mobile Video Ad

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If you spend anytime at all on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that video has exploded across the News Feed over the last couple of years. Well, this is no mistake. Like everything on Facebook, what you see, where you see it, and how often you see it is calculated.

As video content increases, so do brands’ appetites for video ads. Of course, with such a surplus of video content on Facebook, you have to combine creativity and research in order to develop a video ad that’s going to really pop – especially on Facebook mobile, where attention spans are incredibly short. Read More