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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Google AdWords doubles the number of Sitelinks on search ads

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A few weeks ago, Google revamped the look and feel of the AdWords Sitelinks to make them a carousel tappable format. But with that change, Google has also doubled the number of sitelinks you can show on your AdWords search ads from four to eight.

The updated help documentation use to say that on mobile devices it would “show up to 4 links” and now it reads “it can show up to 8 links” on mobile devices. Read More

Google AdWords Highlights Popular Search Terms Used to Find Your Website

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Google AdWords has introduced a new ‘Searches’ card which highlights popular words and phrases that are used to find your business. As the announcement states, keeping your finger on the pulse of the Searches card can help you refine your keywords for better performance.

Knowing which keywords a majority of searchers are using to find you website can help you both add valuable new keywords, and create lists of negative keywords you discover to be irrelevant Read More

How Can Brands Benefit From the Rise of Social Search?

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We asked a room full of marketers the other day, “do you have a search strategy” and as you’d expect, the answer was 100% yes. We then asked the same people “do you have a social search strategy”. Interestingly, over 90% said no and asked what it was.

Social search is search within a social media platform that generates results based on the behaviour and activity of other users. Read More