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Monthly Archives: July 2017

4 Tips To Help You Generate More E-Commerce Revenue

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There are several reasons why launching an e-commerce website is such an attractive option for those wanting to start an online business. From the ability to build an inventory-free business that uses a drop shipping model, to having unlimited scaling potential, an e-commerce business can be extremely lucrative.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs see the potential, and launch an online store, only to fail miserably. With so many e-commerce stores launching daily, you need to be aggressive and creative if you want a piece of the pie. Read More

Google Search Embraces The Feed, But Don’t Call It Social

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Google Feed will incorporate a tailored content of news, entertainment and myriad web content based on a user’s search patterns.

Years ago, Google built a social network separate from its prized asset, web search. The effort failed. Now, it is trying again—only this time, it’s turning its search engine into something that looks a lot like the news feed of a social network. Read More

4 Reasons Your Website Conversions Are Low

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Ever wonder why your website conversions aren’t growing despite increased traffic? Generally speaking, organic visitors are more likely to convert because they’re more targeted than any other source of traffic.

According to Eric Siu, SEO leads have a 14.6 percent close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have only a 1.7 percent close rate. Read More

Tips To Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns

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Once you’ve got the basics of PPC down, how can you improve on those efforts further? Here are seven tips to take your campaign to the next level.

You don’t have to be a PPC expert to create a successful campaign with strong ROI. All you need is the time to understand how PPC works and to improve your efforts in a series of small but effective steps. Read More

How To Drive Event Engagement Using Social Media Marketing

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Summer has solidified its place as the season for hosting events, which makes it important to make sure you’re utilizing social media management to the fullest extent. Social media has changed not only how events are promoted, but also how attendees engage with the brands and influencers at play.

Creating a conversation between the event and the attendees is a crucial step to guarantee utmost attendance, hype, and engagement. Read More