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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes

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Blogging should be an essential element of every entrepreneur’s marketing plan. It’s an outstanding way to increase traffic to your site, and demonstrate your credibility and position as a thought leader in your niche.

However, there are common blogging mistakes that new and seasoned businesses make. These mistakes can easily be avoided if you know about them. Read More

How To Get A Verified Blue Badge On Your Facebook Page

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Facebook displays the Verified Badge on verified Facebook accounts and pages to inform the visitors the page or account is confirmed to be authentic.

The proof of authenticity for Pages comes in a blue or gray circle badge with a tic mark. The Gray Badge is given to verified pages of companies, organizations and local businesses while Blue Badge is for authentic pages that represent people (mostly celebrities), media, entertainment, sports, and government agencies. Read More

Tips For Blog Post Ideas

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We have come up with some good ideas for blog posts? These ideas may help!

1. Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free Google service. You can set up a Google Alert for anything you want, and you can set up as many of them as you want. If you set them up for your blog topic, you will regularly receive emails that have links to blog posts, news stories and other articles related to your topic. Those articles can be used as reference material for your blog articles or can simply be used to give you more ideas of things to write about. Read More

5 Ways Competition Can Improve Your Business

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How an entrepreneur reacts under pressure from his competition says a lot about how successful he is going to be in the future. Successful entrepreneurs don’t view competition as an obstacle; they see it as an opportunity to learn new things.

Most of the time, you are your own biggest competition. Healthy rivalry needs to be encouraged as it helps one work smarter with the resources they have. Even if your competition lowers their prices and steals your customers, think of ways on how you can get back in the game stronger than you were the last time around.

Read More

50% Of Page-One Search Results Are HTTPS

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Based on the trend of sites switching to HTTPS and what is ranking in Google, we may see 70% of the page one results going to HTTPS by the end of 2017.

Pete Meyers from Moz reports that according to their keyword tracking tools, half of the page one search results in Google show HTTPS URLs. Read More

YouTube Hacks To Maximise Your Video Marketing Efforts

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From 11-second tips and tricks to a full hour of live interviews, from slo-mo driving videos to hyper lapse dusks, video has truly taken over the way the way interact, consume information, and market products and services.

Today, YouTube alone has the second greatest reach after Facebook. As a search engine, it ranks just below its parent company, Google.

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Google Introduces Smart Display Campaigns

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There are now over 3 million apps and websites on the Google Display Network (GDN), from popular news websites to the latest gaming apps. No matter what customers are doing to stay informed or entertained across the GDN, it’s important to reach them with timely and relevant messages.
In order to do that, the brand needs to find the right customers, tailor its creative to them and set optimal bids.
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