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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Individualization: Mobile Marketing’s Next Step

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Throughout this year, a few topics have come up again and again. Most notably, we’ve discussed the Mobile Engagement Crisis — the idea that marketers are failing to connect with users, despite spending a huge amount of resources on winning them over in the first place.

Yes, they’re getting the initial download. But getting those users to stick around? That’s another story entirely. The good news is that some marketers are starting to catch on.

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Instagram – Your Business Needs To Get Some Of This

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In 2013, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of a Digital Magazine launched Foundr Magazine, for entrepreneurs who are in their startup phases. Some friends encouraged him to begin his marketing on Instagram, and he, in fact, focused primarily on this platform.

Within six months, his following grew to 180,000. At this point, he has over 200,000 followers and between 3,000-5,000 likes per post.

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3 Types of Links You Must Have On Your Web Page

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Why should you think so much about backlinks? Yes, the number of links pointing to your site definitely showcases your prominence to Google, but it also boosts other factors that decide your page’s ranking.

When a user types a keyword, Google checks over 200 criterions with its Spider and returns a list in under half a second. With links, you can check most of those 200 boxes and get on that coveted page 1. Find out why you need to build links along with its types and what all you must keep in check.
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10 Tips to Design Effective Remarketing Ads

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Most internet users have had the experience of having an ad from a site they were previously browsing pop up on the next site they visit. It’s kind of impressive, right?

This technique is called remarketing, and it’s valuable because it allows a business to continue the conversation with a potential consumer in the target audience. If a customer visited a website once, odds are they were at least contemplating purchasing from the site at one point. Through remarketing, the brand is able to maintain a presence in front of prospective buyers, which leads to higher conversions and sales.

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