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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Are WhatsApp & Hike Taking On Google Duo In The Video Calling Space?

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The market for communication apps is like a power play between a few old school names, each of which occupies a good share of the same. After Google launched its famous Google Allo, which many have claimed might just beat even WhatsApp, the latter decided to hit-back at the multi billion dollar conglomerate by upping its game, announcing the release of its new video-calling feature.

Since WhatsApp still remains number one in the communication apps department in India, this new feature will definitely give it a cutting edge over its competitors. Not ready to settle for less, the purely Indian messenger app, Hike, also announced its plan to launch its video-calling feature, which they have reportedly been working on since last September. Read More

Google Allo Application Updated With New Features For Better User Experience

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Google announced the new Allo application back in Google I/O this year and soon after that the application went live for people to download from the Google Play store. Now as of today, the Allo application has over millions of downloads, which only goes to show, how successful the application is.

Users seem to love it as they can enjoy a full-fledged personal assistant with it. And well, you can say since the Nougat users or old Android version don’t have the Pixel like Assistant features, this is as good as it gets for you. Read More

Bing Ads Releases Expanded Text Ads Globally

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After running Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) in beta beginning in late August, Bing Ads rolled out ETAs to all markets on 26th Oct,2016.

Advertisers can now set up and launch the longer text ad format in the web UI or the Bing Ads Editor or via the Bing Ads API. It’s also possible to import ETAs from Google AdWords in the Bing Ads web interface or Bing Ads Editor. Read More

Why Your New Business Needs To Market On Instagram

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Instagram is among the top social media platforms due to the large user base and abundance of visual content. You may have noticed plenty of brands interacting with their fans on this channel. And it’s clear that they’re getting plenty of benefits from this choice. But will it work the same way for a newly established business?

The truth is that Instagram can be one of the most effective social media channels for startups to build their following and engage with a new audience. With 500 million active users on a monthly basis, Instagram is one of the most widely-used social media platforms. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to a huge audience even as a startup.

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Tips For Structuring URLs

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The URL of a website is like a business card that we leave at different virtual forums like blog commenting, forum postings, business listings, social media, social bookmarking and other promotional activities.

The few words in the URL represent the entire business to the reader, and that’s why it needs to be structured in a familiar, easy-to-read and understandable manner. Read More

Using PPC Brand Protection To Decrease Campaign Costs By 51%

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Search marketers with whom we consult like to complain about how giant improvements in PPC growth are behind us. They fondly recall the glory days of the 2000s when the immature PPC market allowed savvy marketers to boost PPC revenue a ton using simple tweaks to keywords or bidding strategies.

The eight-part series showed how branded keyword protection is this year’s secret weapon to achieving the monster revenue growth we miss so dearly. Read More

The Value Of Paid Social

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With the decline in organic reach on Facebook, the introduction of an algorithm on Instagram and the real-time nature of Twitter, paid media has become necessary for brands to amplify content to the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message.

Organic marketing activity is only as valuable as the users it’s reaching. Followers represent a very small percentage of a brand’s total target audience, so only reaching 2 percent to 3 percent of a follower base organically has minimal impact on business objectives. Read More

WhatsApp Rolls Out Video Calling Feature

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WhatsApp is testing video calling feature in its app. Although the feature is in beta mode and available only for Windows Phone for now, iPhone and Android users may also get the feature soon.

The feature was first spotted by a Spanish website, which reported that a few beta testers were seeing video calling option in their Windows handsets.

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