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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Will Slack and Chat Kill Email Marketing?

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The fastest company to reach billion-dollar-valuation status (aka the unicorn club) has its eyes on controlling intra-office communications. That is a big deal for email marketers who depend on eyeballs that focus on email inboxes.

To use Slack is to see both the potential of more efficient corporate communication while acknowledging the likelihood that we, as workers, will never let it reach its full potential.

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Google Sunsetting AdWords Converted Clicks

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Google is getting rid of its original metric for tracking conversion events that debuted in AdWords in 2001 and is fully replacing it with “Conversions.”

Conversions and converted clicks have coexisted in AdWords for several years now, but Google has long been urging advertisers to use the more advanced Conversions measurement. Conversions supports multiple attribution models beyond last click, cross-device conversions and store visits.

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This Time For Real: Goodbye Flash

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The gatekeepers of the Internet may have finally killed Adobe Flash, and that means it’s time to get serious about HTML5.

Since Apple cast the first salvo against Flash in 2010, when Steve Jobs published an open letter addressing issues with the ubiquitous plugin, industry watchers have wondered when Flash would see its final webpage.

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Google Maps For Android To Add “WiFi-Only” Mode

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The folks at Android Police uncovered that the new version of Google Maps for Android now lets users set Google Maps to only work in WiFi mode. This way, we do not have to use our cellular data while using Google Maps, assuming we pre-downloaded the maps before we left our WiFi connection.

If our Maps app has received the WiFi only mode setting, we will be able to access it by opening the Settings screen and looking for a new toggle on the second line with the title, “Wi-Fi only.”

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Semi-Secret Facebook Targeting Options

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Whether it’s performance-driven advertising, awareness or engagement we’re seeking, Facebook undoubtedly offers the best targeting options of all social platforms.

The ability to tap into a plethora of our own first-party data, use it for predictive modeling and pair it with third-party data makes Facebook a go-to platform for just about every brand. And as evidenced by some recent releases, Facebook is set on becoming even more widely adopted.

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Is Your HTTPS Setup Causing SEO Issues?

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Google has been making the push for sites to move to HTTPS, and many folks have already started to include this in their SEO strategy. Recently at SMX Advanced, Gary Illyes from Google said that 34 percent of the Google search results are HTTPS. It’s a good sign, as more sites are becoming secured.

Lot of sites have migrated to HTTPS but have not done it correctly and may be losing out on the HTTPS ranking boost. Some have also created more problems on their sites by not migrating correctly. Read More