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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Facebook To Serve Ads To Non-Users Through Its Audience Network

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Facebook is expanding its Audience Network, which serves ads on apps and websites beyond its own, to reach people who don’t have Facebook accounts or aren’t signed in.

Previously, Facebook Audience Network could only serve ads to signed-in Facebook users. That played well enough to one of Facebook’s strengths with marketers: It knows exactly who is seeing its ads, on its properties or elsewhere, and an awful lot about them.
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Twitter Will Stop Counting Media & Usernames Against 140-Character Limit

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Twitter has confirmed plans to stop counting media attachments and @usernames (in replies) against a tweet’s 140-character limit. Links, however, will still count toward the limit.

This should be very welcome news for both Twitter users and advertisers. It means more room for text and conversation in each tweet and less frustration for everyone who’s been forced to edit their words in order to fit them inside Twitter’s constraints.
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Boost SEO & Content Investments With Influencer Marketing

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Practically every digital marketing budget in 2016 includes line items for both SEO and content marketing. If you want to add rocket fuel to any campaign’s overall impact, the inclusion of influencer marketing is a must.

The right influencers will enhance brand discoverability and audience development, boosting reach, results and ROI. Here are six reasons to extend your existing SEO and content campaigns with influencers.
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Competitive Threats To Google, And What They Mean For You

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Google market share in the US currently stands at 63.8 percent, with Bing (including Yahoo’s search volume) coming in at 33.5 percent, according to January 2016 comScore data.

This makes Bing a credible competitor to Google in the US, but the story is quite different internationally, where Google is dominant in nearly every country, other than China (Baidu), Russia (Yandex), Korea (Naver) and the Czech Republic (Seznam).
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Google Expands Mobile Push With Ads In Its Maps App

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Google for the last few years has been working to prioritize mobile, not only trying to enhance the user experience for consumers but giving advertisers more ways to reach them.

Now the company is making another leap in its mobile ad offering, rolling out ads in its Maps app. The new products, announced at the annual Google Performance Summit on Tuesday, include ads that pop up in search results in Maps.
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The Need For Good SEO Never Dies

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It seems like clients want bigger, more amazing results — and they want them faster than ever before. We all keep hearing “What kind of results will I get?” or “How long will it take?” or “How much more traffic will we get?”

And since there’s no way to definitively answer those questions, potential clients sometimes hesitate when we tell them, “It depends.”
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