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Monthly Archives: January 2016

E-commerce Suits The Structure Of Demand In India

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Ecommerce is God’s gift from heaven for India’s beleaguered consumers — not because they are cool dudes but because most of them have modest incomes making it hard for businesses to serve them profitably. So a handful of big companies with a limited set of products address the mass consumer base; the others, including organised retailers, stay content with serving rich consumers, leaving the rest to millions of intrepid small suppliers, small traders and small shops.
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Here’s Why People Love Ads On Facebook More Than TV

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Advertisements on the social networking site Facebook act as a teaser similar to a movie trailer and are more strongly associated with the brand than the ads on television, a study has found.
The research by Facebook and marketing agency Neuro-Insight showed that while printed ads on Facebook were able to increase the brand impact, people who watch advertisements on television were more likely to make purchase decisions after viewing the ad on day two.
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5 Digital Marketing Trends That E-commerce Players Should Look For In 2016

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Did you know? Asia Pacific leads the world in terms of the number of retail companies moving to E-commerce, according to a recent study by eMarketer. And that’s particularly true in India where, despite a lower Internet penetration as compared to markets like Australia and Korea, there were an estimated 82.3 million digital buyers in 2015 — making it the No. 3 market for E-commerce in the world.
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