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Monthly Archives: December 2015

After Search & Social, It’s Time For Commerce Advertising

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As Flipkart gets ready to launch another innovative ad solution called the ‘Brand Story Ad Format’, to help brands tell their stories on Flipkart, it is clear that Commerce advertising is set to be the new source of revenue in e-commerce.

E-commerce bigwigs in India have one goal at present- to turn profitable. Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart, the three contenders for the top spot are looking at different strategies that might lead to profitability.
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Google Sees India At The Centre Of Global Internet Industry

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India is set to overtake the US in internet user base by the end of this calendar year, making it the second largest base for internet users in the world.

In an interview to Bloomberg TV India’s Abha Bakaya and Sunanda Jayaseelan, Google’s VP & MD for South East Asia & India, Rajan Anandan, explains the matrix of the internet market and how Google is gearing up to bring the entire population online.  India now is front and center in the global internet industry, he said.
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India To Record Strongest Annual Ad Spend Growth In 2016

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Advertising expenditure is set to rise 4.4% in 2016 following 2.2% growth this year. Global ad spends to increase by 4.4% at current prices in 2016. Internet is forecast to become largest medium for advertising in 2016.

Warc, the marketing intelligence service, expects global advertising spend (based on 12 major markets) to increase by 4.4% at current prices in 2016, according to its latest International Ad Forecast.
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Yahoo’s Testing Big, Autoplay Video Ads On Search Pages

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In an apparent bid to get brand advertisers to buy search ads and search advertisers to buy video ads — and maybe give its sales team a way to deflect marketers’ questions about the company’s future — Yahoo is testing full-bleed, autoplay video ads on its search results pages.

The ads are running atop search results, stretch the entire width of the page on desktop and play automatically with the sound off. The ads were encountered on desktop but were not found when using the same search query on Yahoo’s mobile site or in its mobile apps.
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India Is The 12th Largest Ad Market Globally

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With a few weeks left for 2016 to move into, forecasts for upcoming trends and changes in the industry for the coming year have started pouring in persistently. Magna Global too has introduced its report on embargo basis.

Based on a world-wide survey, focusing 73 countries, the report says that nearly 62 countries experienced a growth in ad revenue this year. However, eleven – including Russia, Finland, France, Greece, Peru and Singapore – suffered a cut.
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7 Pillars Of Brand Building In The IoT Era

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“Brand is the cornerstone upon which Organizations are built – it forms the most valuable asset of an Enterprise! Nurturing such an entity requires the qualities of a Parent rather than that of a Manager”

Nurturing Brands is akin to raising one’s child… where a parental approach, rather than a managerial one can make all the difference.
The path to building enduring Brands, henceforth, will evolve around..
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Nielsen Launched India’s First Digital Advertisement Measurement System

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Global marketing research firm Nielsen has launched India’s first digital advertisement measurement system that will help marketers in the country find out the return on investment of their campaigns on the internet and mobile platforms. The Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) system can measure all kinds of display and video ads across all digital platforms except Twitter and YouTube app on mobile phones and tablets, Nielsen India officials said, adding that these two platforms will soon be integrated with its digital tool.
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Flipkart Introduces Mobile Native Advertising For Brands

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Flipkart has introduced mobile native advertising for companies to engage better with customers, including for brands that do not sell through it, as India’s largest online marketplace seeks to monetize its sizable user traffic. Through Flipkart’s new ‘brand story ad format’, companies will be able to target specific customers browsing through products related to their own on the online marketplace.
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